Jenz Taerhael



Strength: 17 | +3
Dexterity: 14 | +2
Constitution: 15 | +2
Intelligence: 13 | +1
Wisdom: 10 | 0
Charisma: 8 | -1

HP = 12

AC = 15
Flat-Footed AC = 13
Touch AC = 12

Fortitude Saves = +4
Reflex Saves = +2
Will Saves = 0

Great Sword
Long Sword
Small Steel Shield
Light Hammer

Parade Armor


Of a noble family, Jenz Taerhael was a curious young man. His family were all adventurers and mercenaries who traveled the world’s farthest corners. Jenz would grow up listening to all the amazing tales of bravery and adventure. Incredibly excited by these stories, he knew that one day, he had to see the world with his own eyes. He quickly from childhood decided that he would be the world’s greatest adventurer.

Now, this dream was somewhat of an undertaking and it would constantly lead him into danger. As a child, he had to learn again and again that the world, although beautiful and magnificent, was a very dangerous place. However, to Jenz, this was just another invitation to explore the world. The world was challenging him, and Jenz was never the type to turn down a fair challenge. But, one lesson would finally stick, and no lesson would stick quite as well as the one he would soon experience when he turned 8 years old.

It was a common thing for Jenz to sneak out of the house at night to explore various parts of the city, and on more than one occasion he would leave the safety of the city walls to see the woods or cliffs on the outskirts of the kingdom.

One day, he brought along a young girl who lived nearby and whom he started to grow quite fond of, and took her with him to see the cliffs where a beautiful natural phenomenon would occur at a certain time of night. This phenomenon would glow brightly and light up caverns on the side of the cliff. This night in particular though, was a dangerous night to sneak out. For you see, once a month a flock of Danger Doves, semi large bird creatures with sharp talons and vicious personalities, are drawn to the glowing light at the bottom of the cavern and they hunt for prey all across the cliff sides.

As the two young ones sat by the edge of the cliff talking and watching the various glows of the chasm’s lightshow, they were attacked by several Danger Doves. The girl was greatly injured and couldn’t run away on her own, Jenz tried to protect her as best as he could but he was unarmed, inexperienced in battle, and he would often neglect his family’s instruction in the art of the sword. He himself was beaten and bloodied, being swarmed over and over by these large Doves. Jenz was luckily always a pretty tough kid and could take a beating, however this girl was in serious danger and Jenz needed to get her to safety. He picked her up and he told himself “Run, keep running, and never stop running!”

As he approached the city wall carrying the girl in his arms, the guards saw the raging flock of Danger Doves chasing the young boy and the wounded girl. They immediately jumped to defend the children and get them medical attention. As he reached the safety of the walls, Jenz collapsed. When he woke, he and the girl received medical attention and were told that they would be perfectly fine, but maybe left with a scar or two though. His mother, although relieved of course, was mad. But she wasn’t angry that he snuck out (she already knew that he would constantly do this anyways) and it wasn’t that he brought a girl to the dangerous cliff side. No, she was angry that he didn’t have any means to protect himself against the danger that caught him by surprise, after all they were a family who held great pride in their battle strength.

After this experience, he took his dedication to the sword very seriously. He learned to fight with all kinds of swords through great discipline and training with his family. From the heavy to the light, from the powerful to the elegant, no style of sword would be beyond his ability. Jenz was going to make sure that he would never let someone he cared about get hurt ever again, if he was able say anything about it.

As Jenz wounds started to heal, he decided to make a charm locket for his friend and he told her that he would be strong enough to protect her next time, but she said that there wouldn’t be a next time. Unfortunately, although they had grown very close, after the incident, her family became distrusting of this young boy as an influence. The family was going to move away. To a new kingdom far away, where the young girl would be safe.

Greatly saddened by knowing that his one and really only friend at the time was leaving him. He dropped the gift that he prepared to give her and ran away. He hasn’t seen her since.

Jenz had felt love only once, but now that she was gone he became the flirtatious “lady’s man” that he would later be known for. He again set his sights on being the adventurer he had always wanted to be, and with nothing keeping him in that place anymore… that was all he had.

So begins the adventures of Jenz Taerhael, the handsomest and coolest and greatest adventurer that has ever lived…or well, he will be…one day…just watch.

Jenz Taerhael

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